Looking for anniversary gifts? Try these gift baskets...

Anniversary Gifts - Anniversaries are all about remembering special events in our lives. And there is not better way of celebrating an anniversary than exchanging gifts.

One great anniversary gift idea is gift baskets. With gift baskets, you can group together a number of the recipient’s favorite things and use your creativity to put them together in a nice packaging.

There are many gift basket ideas, depending on the occasion it is for. There are also off course, general gift basket ideas you can use for any occasion. I have listed on this page, ideas for anniversary giftbaskets to inspire you.

How To Choose Anniversary Gift Baskets

Anniversary gifts need not necessarily be for your spouse or partner alone, it can be for your parents, grandparents, friends, siblings and other family members.

The first thing you need to do when it comes to an anniversary gift basket is to decide on the recipient. You can make a gift basket for the couple, in which you include gift items for both the partners. You could also be making the gift basket for either one or the partners, i.e, either for him or for her.

Next, consider special anniversary years. For example, if it is a 25th anniversary, you can choose a silver theme for your gift basket packaging and presentation. Alternatively, if it is a 50th anniversary, you can choose a gold theme.

There are many items you can include in an anniversary gift basket. Click here for ideas on some of the best anniversary gift items.

Anniversary Gift Basket Ideas

Idea 1 - Champagne gift basket
Using a champagne bucket as the base, put a champagne bottle and 2 champagne flutes engraved with the names of the couple and the anniversary date. Fill in the space in the bucket with fresh red roses to symbolize love.

Idea 2 - Aromatherapy delight
Choose a nice wicker basket and fill it with a range of aromatherapy items like scented candles, aromatherapy scented oils, oil burner, tea light candles and tea light candle holders. Accent the basket with fresh flowers and include a gift tag.

Idea 3 - Champagne and chocolates
Nothing compares to a bottle of champagne to celebrate a memorable occasion like an anniversary. Adding chocolates to go with the champagne makes it even better. Make a gift basket with a bottle of champagne and include a chocolate fondue set, i.e., the fondue pot, stand, candle and dipping forks. Also include a generous supply of chocolates for melting. Not only will the couple get to enjoy the fondue for their anniversary, they can keep the set as a keepsake and use it again in the future.

Idea 4 - Tea lovers
Here is an interesting idea for the couple who loves tea. Make a gift basket and fill it with a pretty tea set comprising a teapot and a pair of matching tea cups and saucers. Also include a range of flavored tea bags and an assortment of cookies to be enjoyed with the tea.

Idea 5 - Anniversary Breakfast
Fill the basket with 2 personalized or hand painted mugs. Fill the basket with breakfast goodies like flavoured tea bags and coffee, breakfast scones mix, fruit preserves and an assortment of cookies to go with the tea or coffee. You can also include a pair of personalized linen napkins in the basket if you wish.

Idea 6 - Towers for chocolate lovers
Here is an interesting idea for chocolate lovers. Choose a set of similar shaped boxes that range in sizes. Make sure the boxes have lids. Fill each box with a selection of chocolate gourmet items like chocolates, truffles, chocolate cookies and brownies. Cover the boxes and arrange them into a tower with the largest box at the bottom and the smallest at the top. Tie the boxes together with a ribbon and add a large bow right on top. Include your gift card with the tower.

Idea 8 - Spa Gift Certificate
This is an excellent gift for those who enjoy going to the spa. Purchase a gift certificate for a spa and add it to your gift basket. Also include a pair of personalized bath robes and spa slippers for the couple.

Idea 9 - Sexy lingerie
This is an excellent anniversary gift idea for wives. Purchase a pair of sexy lingerie and a nightie as the main items in the basket. Include her favorite bottle of perfume and scented body lotion. Accent the basket with fresh roses and include your gift tag.

Idea 10 - Romantic Massage
Make a romantic massage gift basket filled with massage oils, scented candles, personalized bath robes and a bottle of champagne. This makes a very romantic anniversary gift for the couple.

Idea 11 - BBQ gift basket
If you are looking for anniversary gift basket ideas for men, trying making a BBQ themed gift basket. Using either a wicker basket or a picnic basket, pack together grilling sauces, poultry rubs, skewers, a few grilling utensils, a personalized apron and a few BBQ recipe cards.

Idea 12 - Beer Basket
Here is another interesting gift basket idea for men. Get a selection of the recipient’s favorite beers and a personalized beer mug. Include an assortment of nuts or other gourmet items in the basket.

Idea 13 - Picnic for two
Using a picnic basket as the base, you could line the bottom of the basket with a table cloth. Include a bottle of champagne and 2 glasses as the main items. Also include an assortment of the couple’s favorite gourmet goodies like cookies, nuts and cheese. You can also include a pair of personalized linen napkins in the basket.

Idea 14 - Cookie bouquet
This is a great idea for you if you love baking. Simply bake and assemble decorated cookies into either a personalized mug or a box to resemble that of a flower bouquet. Here are some ideas for the shapes of cookies you can make:

  • Wine glasses
  • Balloons
  • Hearts
  • Stars
  • Anniversary year numbers
  • ‘Anniversary’ letters

Idea 15 - Chocolates and roses
What can be a better gift for a woman than chocolates and roses. Melt her heart away with a basket filled with a box or two of exclusive chocolates or truffles and fresh red roses. Also, if your budget allows, you can include jewelry in it too. Alternatively, you can also make this gift basket for a couple. Simply include a pair of personalized cute teddy bears in the basket.

Idea 16 - Dinner for two
This is another great idea for an anniversary gift basket. Using a colander as the base, pack together pasta, sauce mix, cheese, wine and truffles or chocolates for dessert. Also include a bottle of wine and a few scented candles to bring about the romance in the air.

Idea 17 - Beautiful memories
This gift basket idea will be able to capture the sweet memories of the anniversary for many years to come. Make a gift basket filled with personalized photo frames and photo album as the main items. Include a couple figurine and also some candles and gourmet food items if you wish.

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