Great Coffee Gift Ideas

Coffee gift ideas - Coffee is an essential item in many people’s lives. Some are so in love with coffee that their day would not start without a cup or two of this delicious drink.

If you are looking for gift ideas for such coffee lovers, nothing would be more appreciated that a basket filled with all things coffee.

Listed on this page are a variety of coffee and coffee related gifts that you can mix and match to make a coffee basket. Simply pick and choose the ones you would like to put into your gift baskets and impress your recipients with great gift baskets.


  • Coffee
    • Coffee beans
    • Ground coffee
    • Specialty coffee
    • Coffee samplers
  • Coffee machines
    • Coffee makers, espresso machines, coffee bean grinders
  • Other equipment/ accessories
    • Milk frothers
    • Kitchen towels
    • Coffee bag clips
    • Cone filters
    • Coffee scoops
    • Coffee stirs – chocolate dipped spoons, candy sticks, stir sticks
    • Sugar/creamer containers
    • Coffee jars
    • Coffee spoons
    • Insulated totes
  • Drinkware
    • Mugs
    • Thermal/travel mugs
    • Espresso cups
    • Thermal flasks
  • Gourmet items
    • Cookies – biscotti, shortbread,etc
    • Creamer
    • Sugar packets / flavored syrups
    • Chocolates/Candies – coffee candies, chocolate mints, truffles, chocolate covered coffee beans
    • Cappuccino mix
  • Gift certificates
  • Coffee of the month club membership
  • Starbucks share certificates
  • Coffee recipe book
  • Candles
  • Bookmarks, fridge magnets, stationary

Where to get these gifts?

The merchants below carry some really great coffee and coffee accessories which I thought will make really cool gift items for a coffee basket. Browse through their products and choose the ones you like the most for your gift basket.