Awesome Ideas for Cheese Gift Baskets

Cheese gift baskets make great gifts for cheese lovers and they are great for any occasion be it birthdays, graduations, retirement, weddings, Valentine’s Day or as a corporate gift.

There are many different types of cheeses in the market. And of equal varieties are also other cheese related food and tools that can be used and paired with cheese to create truly exclusive cheese gift baskets.

Listed below are ideas for making awesome gift baskets with cheese.

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Ideas for Cheese Gift Baskets

Idea 1 – Gourmet cheese gift basket
With gourmet as the main theme of the gift basket, you can include a variety of food items such as wheat crackers, peanuts, pretzels and chocolates into your gift basket. The main gift items would off course be the cheese. For this gift basket, you can use a variety of cheeses including a variety of cheese spreads.

Idea 2 – Cheese and sausages gift basket
This is another great combination for a cheese basket. Include a few types of cheese and sausages as the main gift items. Also include mustard, crackers, smoked beef and one or two bottles of pickles to go with the rest of the gift items.

Idea 3 – Cheese kitchen basket
Just like the name suggests, the main focus of this gift basket is cheese and kitchen utensils. Instead of using the general kitchen tools, get a set of cheese accessories like cutting board, knives or slicers, graters and serving platters. Arrange all items into a pretty picnic basket and present it to your recipient.

Idea 4 – Cheese fondue gift basket
Here is another interesting way of presenting a cheese basket. Include in your gift basket, a range of cheeses and all the necessary tools and equipment for making fondue, i.e., a fondue pot and a set of fondue forks. Also include pretzels, crackers, nuts and a bottle of wine for making the fondue and your cheese fondue gift basket is ready.

Idea 5 - 'Love for cheese' gift basket
Thinking of making a gift basket for a cheese lover? Here is an interesting idea you can consider. You can include in your gift basket a couple of books with cheese related topics such as cheese recipes and cheese selection and pairing guide. Also include a serving platter and a set of cheese slicers in your gift basket for a complete cheese lover gift basket.

Idea 6 – Wine and cheese gift basket
Wine and cheese make a perfect combination and you can use this combination to make a gift basket. Also include one or two boxes of exclusive chocolates and a set of wine glasses. To make it extra special, you can personalize the wine glasses with the initials of the recipients. This gift basket idea makes an excellent gift for a couple.

Idea 7 – Cheese recipes gift basket
This makes an excellent gift for someone who not only loves cheese but also loves cooking. Among the things you can include in this gift basket are a collection of recipe cards or one or two cheese recipe books, a selection of cheeses that are used in the recipes you include and also a few other common ingredients used in the recipes. Also include a cheese board. Arrange all the items into a large mixing bowl or baking tray and your gift basket is ready.

Idea 8 – Italian pasta gift basket
Here is another interesting cheese themed gift basket. Among the things you can include in this basket are mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese, pasta, pasta sauces and mushroom soup mix. Arrange all the items in a colander and your Italian pasta gift basket is ready.

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