Great Candle Gift Basket Ideas

A candle gift basket makes an excellent gift for almost any occasion. Candles have such a positive effect on people that they are often very well received as gifts.

There are many types of candles that you can find today ranging from plain unscented ones to those with aromatherapy scents. There are also candles of different shapes and sizes as well as personalized ones.

Listed below are ideas for making your own beautiful, customized candle gift baskets.

For a complete list of types of candles and candle accessories, check out our candle gifts page.

Candle gift basket ideas

Idea 1 – All occasion candle gift basket
This is a general candle gift basket idea that can be presented for any occasion. It is based purely on ‘candles’ theme and therefore works well for many occasions. All your need for this gift basket is an assortment of pillar candles, tea light candles, votive candles, candle holders and a candle snuffer. You can also choose for a variety of scents depending on what you think your recipient would prefer such as flower scents, fruity scents and even bakery scents. Pack the candles into a beautiful basket and attach your gift card to it.

Idea 2 – Spa candles gift basket
Just like the name suggests, you can even make a candles gift basket with a spa theme. All you need are a number of spa gifts such as body wash, manicure and pedicure kits, body lotions and aromatherapy massage oils. Next, get a set of aromatherapy candles in the same scent as the massage oils and the spa items. The types of candles that work well for this kind of gift basket are floating candles or pillar candles. Also include candle holders for the pillar candles and floating bowl of the floating candles. Pack them all nicely into a pretty basket and your spa candle basket is ready.

Idea 3 – Romantic candle gift basket
Candles are great as a romantic gift and a romantic candles gift basket makes an excellent gift choice for Valentine’s day and anniversaries. Firstly, for the candles, you can include a couple of taper or dinner candles and the appropriate candle holders. You can also include a few personalized candles, customized with the details of the occasion or recipients. Finally, for the romantic gifts, you can include a bottle of champagne or wine with matching glasses, a box of exclusive truffles. Decorate your basket with fresh red roses for an even more romantic finish for your gift basket.

Idea 4 – Make your own candles gift basket
This is an excellent gift basket idea for a hobbyist who loves to make things on their own. Presenting a do-it-yourself candle kit will surely be very welcomed by such persons. Among the things you can include in your gift basket are one or two candle making kits, a few appropriate candle holders and a candle snuffer. To finish off the basket, include some gourmet items like chocolates, nuts, and crackers.

Idea 5 – Personalized wedding candles basket
This idea uses candles as the main gift item for a wedding gift basket. For a more personalized feel, customize your candles with the couple’s photos and special messages. Include a couple of such candles and their appropriate holders and a selection of a other wedding gifts like a photo album, photo frames and a box or two of exclusive chocolates and truffles.

Idea 6 – Housewarming candles basket
Just like the name suggests, candles also make great housewarming gifts as they are also great home decorating items. Choose candles and candle holders that will make nice home deco. Also you can choose a range of scented candles to suit each room of the house. For example, you can choose aromatherapy candles for the bedroom, floral fragrances for the living room and bakery scents for the kitchen. Also include in your basket, matching candle holders for the candles and other candle accessories like a floating bowl for floating candles, candle toppers and a candle snuffer. And if you wish, you can throw in a couple of gourmet items into the gift basket for a complete housewarming candle gift basket.

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