Awesome Candy Gift Basket Ideas

Candy Gift Basket - Candies are everyone’s favorite, more so for those with a sweet tooth. Given the general liking for candies, a candy gift baskets make great gifts for many occasions, be it birthdays, graduations, retirements, Valentine’s Day or even as corporate gifts.

There are many different types of candies in the market. Some of the more common ones are gummy bears, jelly beans, cotton candies, marshmallows, mint sweets, sour sweets, toffees, lollipops, fruit pastilles, chocolates and many others. Just as in the large variety of candies, there are also many ways to package and present a candy gift basket.

Listed below are ideas for making awesome gift baskets with candies.

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Candy Gift Basket Ideas

Idea 1 – Movie gift basket
This is a very creative way of using candies to make gift basket. This theme is suitable for someone who loves to watch movies. Using a large popcorn box as the base, fill it up with fruit flavored candies, chocolates, popcorn and nuts. To complete the gift basket, include a DVD or two of the latest movies or include one or two movie tickets.

Idea 2 – Candy tower gift basket
Here is another very interesting way of presenting a candy gift. All you need is a set of gift boxes of the same shape but in different sizes. Then, buy a variety of candies and fill up each box with a different variety of candy. For example, toffees in one box, marshmallows in the next, sour candies in the other, and so on. Once you have filled up all the boxes, just stack them together starting with the largest box at the bottom and the smallest on top and tie them together with a ribbon. Put a large bow on top and attach your gift card to it. Your candy tower is now ready.

Idea 3 – Flower power candy bouquet
Another creative way of presenting candies is by making a bouquet with them. For this kind of gift idea, it is best to get candies that are wrapped individually. Tape each candies or a group of 3 or 4 candies onto a flower wire. Make a number of these candy stems. Then, choose the flowers you wish to match your candy stems with. Arrange the candy stems and the flowers into a hand bouquet and tie a pretty ribbon around them. This candy bouquet makes an excellent gift for graduations, Valentine’s Day and birthdays. If you wish, you can also tie a small teddy bear to the bouquet.

Idea 4 – Birthday candy gift basket
If you need a gift basket idea for a birthday and cannot decide on one, you can use this great idea. All you need for this gift basket is lots of candies that are packed in long packages, a birthday mug and some birthday balloons. You can either use the mug as the base or if you need a larger base, simply use a nicely decorated box. Arrange the candies and the mug in the box and decorate it with some birthday balloons and your birthday candy gift basket is ready.

Idea 5 – 2 Tier Candy Cake Gift Basket
Just like the name suggests, you can literally make a candy cake with candies. Again, for this idea, it is best to get candies that are packed in boxes or long packages of the same size. Firstly, make the bottom tier. Arrange the candies into a circular shape, similar to that of a round cake. Once that is done, tie a ribbon around it. Then, make the second tier in the same way as the first tier. Stack it on top of the first one. To make both the tiers stand in place, insert a dowel rod right in the middle on the candy cake. Attach a bow on top of the candy cake where you inserted the dowel rod to cover it. Attach your gift card and the candy cake is ready for delivery.

Idea 6 – Lollipop bouquet
This is a really cute idea especially for kids. A bouquet full of lollipops with surely thrill any child. All you need to make this gift basket is a wicker basket or a cardboard box as the base. Attach a flower sponge to it. Next, prepare the lollipops. Choose lollipops of different shapes, sizes and flavors. Attach each lollipop to a flower wire with a flower tape. Make as many lollipops as you wish to present. Make some in different lengths so that when you arrange them into your basket, you get a nice bouquet shape. Once you have arranged them all, fill up any space that you may have left in the basket with individually wrapped candies like toffees and sour sweets. Attach a gift card to your lollipop bouquet and it is ready to be presented to a lucky child.

Idea 7 – Get well soon candy gift basket
Not sure what to get a friend or relative who is recuperating after an accident or a fall? Here is an interesting get well soon gift basket idea you can make. It is relatively easy to make. All you need is a nice wicker basket or any other container that can hold your candies. Arrange the candies into the basket such that they sort of like for a bouquet. Attach a soft toy to the basket with has wordings that says ‘get well soon’ or other similar expressions.

Idea 8 – Luxury chocolate gift basket
This makes an excellent gift for weddings, anniversaries or as a corporate gift. All you need is a collection of exclusive chocolates like truffles, chocolate clusters and fruit cream filled chocolates. Arrange them nicely into a shallow wicker basket. You can also include a box of chocolate dipped fruits if you wish and a bottle of wine. Tie a nice ribbon around it and the luxury chocolate gift basket is ready.

Idea 9 Sweet hearts gift basket
Just like the name suggests, you can make a candy gift basket filled with heart shaped candies. To make this gift even more interesting, make sure you use a heart shaped container and fill the container with an assortment of candies but make sure the candies you choose are all heart-shaped. Put the container into a pretty wicker basket or any other basket you like and complement the basket with roses or other flowers of your choice. This basket makes an excellent gift idea for valentine’s day.

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