Ideas For Birthday Gift Baskets

Birthday gift baskets are fast gaining popularity as birthday gifts. Not only are they very unique and creative, they can also be personalized to whatever theme or items one wishes.

The first thing you need to do before buying or making a gift basket is to decide on the recipient. It could be for a man, woman, children, babies or teenagers.

Next, choose a theme for the gift basket. For example, if you are planning to make birthday gift baskets for women, you can either choose a theme to match their hobbies, favorite food or favorite sport. Alternatively, you can choose to give a truly feminine body and bath gift basket or spa and candles gift basket.

Sometimes, choosing a gift for someone can be tough, especially if you are not very close to the person or if you do not know the person well. Even in situations like this, you can still successfully come up with excellent birthday gifts with birthday gift baskets. Put together a collection of gourmet treats in a nice basket or container and personalize it with a hand painted mug and attach a birthday message card to it.

Click here to find out more about themes you can choose and items you can include in the birthday gift baskets to suit your chosen theme.

Birthday Gift Basket Ideas

Idea 1 - Candy tower
Arrange candies into 2 tiers. Hold each tier together with ribbon. Top the candy cake with a large bow ribbon. Tie a message card to the ribbon with a personalized birthday message or greetings on it.

Idea 2 - Birthday tower
Get hold of round or square gift boxes in decreasing sizes (make sure the boxes are with lids). Fill each box with a nice assortment of the birthday person’s favorite cookies, snacks, crackers and other delicious gourmet foods. Stack the boxes into a tower with the largest at the base and the smallest on the top. To hold the boxes together, tie a ribbon around them and a big bow at the top. Be sure to add a greeting tag to the ribbon with your birthday greetings on it.

Idea 3 - Birthday mug
This is a really cool idea made using a ceramic mug as the base or ‘basket’ for the gift. The mug can be kept as a keepsake for many many years to come. Buy a large mug and hand paint it with birthday wishes and personalize it with the birthday person’s name. Fill the mug with chocolates that are packed in long packages. In this way, the chocolates could be seen well after being arranged in the mug. Tie a nice birthday ribbon around the top of the mug and be sure to include a birthday tag to it. Other options using the birthday mug include:

  • Fill a wicker basket with delicious gourmet foods. Include the birthday mug and one or two air-filled birthday balloons.
  • Arrange a bouquet of cookies in the mug and attach a birthday greetings card.
  • Another interesting idea using the mug would be to pair it with a cute stuffed bear. Fill the gift basket with an assortment of gourmet goodies and include a mug with a stuffed bear seated on it. You can even personalize the bear with a party hat. Tie a ribbon around the basket and be sure to include your message card.

Idea 4 - Movie lovers
If the birthday person loves movies, here is an interesting idea for a gift basket that will surely make the recipient very happy. Get hold of a birthday box and fill it with a bag of microwave popping corn, boxed movie candies, an assortment of nuts and other delicious goodies that are enjoyed during movies. The main highlight of this movie lovers birthday gift basket is to include a CD or DVD of the recipient’s favorite movie or a movie which is currently playing in the cinemas.

Idea 5 - Party gift basket
Pack together a bunch of party treats in a nice birthday basket or box. Choose treats that can be served to guests at a birthday party. Items that can be included are:
  • Sweet and savory gourmet food items such as cookies, chips, candies, chocolates, brownies and nuts
  • Party hats
  • Musical candles
  • Birthday party napkin
  • Party decorations such as ribbons, balloons, etc.

Idea 6 - Elegant birthday gift baskets
If you are looking for simple yet elegant gift baskets, nothing can match a wine gift basket stylishly packed with a box of exclusive chocolates or truffles. Fill the basket of your choice with gift basket fillers and place the wine bottle slightly slanting in the basket. Arrange the chocolates or truffle boxes to fill up the basket. You can also add a wine bottle opener in the basket. Tie a ribbon around the basket and be sure to include your birthday greetings card.

Idea 7 - Coffee lovers
This is an interesting theme you can choose for birthday gift baskets for someone who loves coffee. You can make an exclusive coffee gift basket filled with gourmet coffees. Also include signature coffees like Starbucks and other brands and include an assortment of cookies to go with the coffee. You can also include a personalized birthday mug with the birthday person’s name hand painted on it. Arrange all the items beautifully in the basket and tie a ribbon around it.

Idea 8 - Cookies bouquet
Do you love to bake cookies? Then this is an excellent choice for you. Bake and assemble decorated cookies into either a personalized birthday mug or a birthday box to resemble that of a flower bouquet. Here are some ideas for the shapes of cookies you can make:
  • Balloons
  • 2D tiered cakes
  • Candles
  • Gift boxes with ribbons tied on
  • Stars
  • “Happy Birthday” letters
  • Personalized with cookies that spell the name of the birthday person
  • Smiley faces

Idea 9 - Relaxing Aromatherapy Spa Basket
This spa basket makes an excellent birthday gift for any woman. Pack together a nice assortment of scented bath and body gifts and aromatherapy candles. Also include an assortment of teas and cookies and arrange them all in a nice basket. Tie a ribbon around the basket and tie a large bow at the ends. Accent the basket with some fresh roses or other flowers if you wish.

Idea 10 - Beer basket
If you are looking for a masculine gift basket idea. Try putting together this beer basket. Include a few beer cans of the recipient's favourite brands, a beer glass and some specialty gourmet items like nuts and crips.

Idea 11 - Birthday gift gift basket
If you have already decided on a specific gift for the birthday person, you can turn it into a unique and personalized basket by creating a gift basket with the gift as the main item. Add some gourmet birthday goodies into a nice birthday box or decorated basket and present it to the birthday person. Alternatively, arrange a pretty bunch of roses in the basket with the gift and present it as a flower and gift birthday basket.

Idea 12 - Gift basket for someone who has everything
Gift baskets make excellent gift idea for someone who has everything. If you cannot think of a specific gift item for the birthday person, put together a basket of gourmet treats like cookies, chocolates, coffee, tea and other goodies. Include items which are a favorite for the birthday person. Such a birthday gift is sure to delight anyone who receives it.

Idea 13 - Hobby birthday gift baskets
If you know the birthday person’s hobby, you can make a gift basket with a theme that suits his/her hobby. For example, for someone who loves baking or cooking, put together a good cookbook with a few cooking utensils in a pretty basket. Tie a nice ribbon around it and attach you message card to it.

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