Graduation Gifts – Gift Basket Ideas For Graduation

Graduation Gifts - Graduations mark a major achievement in a person’s life. It is a time to celebrate all the accomplishments and achievements of a graduate after years of endless effort and hard work.

Graduations are often celebrated with parties and there is no better way of showing appreciation and encouragement to a graduate than rewarding them with graduation gifts.

There are many gift ideas for graduation and one unique and creative gift idea is gift baskets. Not only do you get to give the graduate a gift, you can customize and personalize it to your own creativity and make a really unique graduation gift.

How to choose a graduation gift basket

The first thing you need to do before buying or making a graduation gift basket is to consider whether it’s a high school graduation or a college graduation. Once you know that, then it would be easier to decide on a theme for the graduation gift basket.

The theme for a high school graduate can centre around things he or she would need for a college life. And the theme for a college graduate can centre on his or her future plans or career. Alternatively, you can also choose a theme that centers on the graduate’s personality, hobbies and interests.

For a complete list of graduation gift ideas and gift items, check out our graduation gift ideas page.

Graduation gift basket ideas

Idea 1 - College gift basket
This makes a great gift for a high school graduate enrolling into a college. A toaster oven would be very welcomed for a dorm life. Since the oven will generally be big, you might not be able to put it into a basket. You can always pack it in a box and attach a big bow to it. Inside the toaster oven, you can insert items like first aid kit box and a small sewing kit. These items will definitely be of use at times of emergency when one is living away from home.

Idea 2 - College essentials gift basket
This is another great gift basket idea for a college-going high school graduate. Buy a set of stationary items like pens and highlighters in coordinated color and theme. Also get a table clock in the same color and theme. If possible, personalize the clock by engraving it with the student’s name or initials on it or the date of the graduation. Include one or two motivational books directed for college students to excel in their studies. Arrange all items in a nice magazine rack or a basket and include your gift card.

Idea 3 - Congratulations cookie bouquet
Cookies bouquets make excellent graduation gifts. The most commonly used cookies shapes are smiley faces wearing graduate caps, stars, the letters ‘ congratulations’, balloons and books. You can also mix and match the shapes. Arrange all the cookies into a bouquet in a personalized mug and tie a nice ribbon around it.

Idea 4 - Personalized college gift basket
A collection of items personalized or customized with the student’s name or initials will surely be exciting for the recipient. Get a set of stationeries and a bag and personalize them with the recipient’s initials. Also include a personalized photo frame and a graduation teddy bear in the basket. Accent the basket with a variety of gourmet items like cookies, chocolates and nuts.

Idea 5 - Sweet congratulations gift basket
Just like the name suggests, make a sweet gift with a candy bouquet. Buy an assortment of candy bars and arrange them into a bouquet in a mug. For a more personalized effect, personalize the mug with the recipients name and the occasion it is presented for.

Idea 6 - Keepsake graduation gift basket
This is another very interesting gift basket idea for graduation. Make a gift basket filled with keepsake items that the graduate can keep and cherish for many years to come and as a sweet memory of his or her accomplishment in life. Among the keepsake items you can include are personalized photo frames ( choose frames with a graduate theme), wall plaque, personalized mug, a graduate teddy bear and personalized key chains. Accent the gift basket with gourmet items like chocolates, cookies and chips.

Idea 7 - Office accessories gift basket
This is a great gift basket idea for a college graduate stepping into the career world. If the graduate’s career plan is for a desk job, then this gift basket will be very useful. Among the items you can include in the office accessories gift basket are engraved pen and case set, UBS flash drives, computer mouse and a mouse pad, paper weights, desk calendar and letter opener. To make the gifts more unique, personalize them by engraving the recipient’s initials on them. Pack the items separately in boxes and arrange them in a basket.

Idea 8 - Jewelry gift set basket This is an excellent gift basket idea for a daughter or a niece. Get a set of jewelry consisting of earrings, pendants, necklace and bracelet. Put all the items in a pretty jewelry or keepsake box. A musical jewelry box will also make an excellent choice. Decorate the box with ribbons in a matching and coordinated color scheme and theme.

Idea 9 - Make up essentials gift basket
Here is another excellent graduation gift basket idea for a girl. Stepping into the career world means one must also the art of self grooming. Get her a set of make up consisting of make up items like foundation, moisturizer, mascara, eye shadow, blusher, lipstick and a set of make-up brushes. Put the items in pretty make up bags and arrange them nicely in a basket. Accent the basket with flowers and ribbons. Make sure the make up items are all of the same brand and color coordinate the whole basket.

Idea 10 - Cell phone gift basket
Here is a gift basket that is sure to thrill any graduate. First of all, find out whether or not the graduate already has a handphone. If none, then this gift basket will be a great idea. If the graduate has a phone and plans to change to one that is more advanced, then you can present him or her with the kind of phone that the graduate wishes for, subject to your budget limit. Get the cell phone complete with a paid plan. Also include a cell phone casing and a cell phone holder for the car or the desk.

Idea 11 - Camera gift basket
For someone who loves photography, this camera gift basket will make a really great graduation gift. Not only can the recipient pursue his or her hobby in photography, the camera will also be useful in capturing his or her experiences in life. Depending on your budget, get a camera together with its batteries, casing and a camera stand. You can also include a number of photo albums and photo frames for the graduate to keep his or her photo collection.

Idea 12 - Graduation watch gift basket
Thinking of getting a watch for your graduate? What about making it unique by making a gift basket out of it. Simply buy the watch and pack it nicely in a pretty box. Include it in a basket filled with the graduate’s favorite food items like chocolates, cookies and snacks. Arrange all the items well with the watch being most visible in the basket. Tie a ribbon around the basket and don’t forget to include a message card with your message on it.

Idea 13 - Gift certificates gift baskets
If you have decided on a theme for your gift basket but not sure on the items to choose for the theme, then gift certificates are definitely for you. Among the gift certificates you can purchase are like spa gift certs, vacation gift certs, personal grooming gift certs, shopping gift certs and others. There are many other different types of gift certificates available and all you need to do is purchase them and include them in a gift basket along with other gift items that match the theme of the gift certificate. For example, if you are getting a spa gift cert, put the cert in a pretty envelope and accent the gift basket with spa items like shampoos and lotions. You can also include some scented candles and soaps if you like. As for the vacation cert, you can include items like small traveling bags, travel grooming kit and other travel related items. Similarly, for personal grooming gift cert, you can also include a shopping gift cert, DIY facial items like scrubs and lotions and include a book or two that talk about personal grooming and other related topics.

Idea 14 - Share certificate gift basket
I came across this idea over the internet a few years back and I think this is a really cool gift idea. Purchase a share certificate from a company you think the graduate likes or a company that sells or makes the graduate’s favorite items and frame it up. Also include in the gift basket a guide book on investments. Accent the basket with gourmet cookies and chocolates.

Idea 15 - Magazine gift basket
For this gift basket, you can use a magazine rack as the base. The main gift item in this gift basket would be a 1 year subscription receipt or letter for the graduate’s favorite magazine or publication. Put the receipt or letter in a pretty envelope. Accent the gift basket with the graduate favorite cookies, chocolates and snacks. Place the envelope on top of the gourmet items so that is it visible clearly.

Idea 16 - Laundry gift basket
Here is another great graduation gift basket idea for a college graduate who is moving out of his or her parents home to live on his or her own. Using a large laundry basket as the base, include laundry items like detergent, fabric softener, stain remover, laundry bags, clothes hangers and if you budget allows, an iron box. Pack and arrange all the items nicely in the basket and time a large ribbon around it, together with your message card.

Idea 17 - Gourmet gift basket
Last but not least is the versatile gift basket of all – the gourmet gift basket. Make a gourmet gift basket filled with a bottle of sparkling apple cider, chocolate chip cookies, nuts, biscotti and a box of exclusive chocolates. Accent the basket with a graduation teddy bear and include your ‘congratulations’ message card.

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