Great Ideas For Bath and Body Gifts

Bath and body gifts make excellent gifts for many occasions. In fact, these gifts are mostly used as pampering gifts or relaxation gifts.

There are many bath and body items that are available in the market today. They come in different creative packaging and scents.

Listed on this page are some great body and bath gifts. Pick and choose the ones you like for your gift basket.

Gift Categories

  • Body
    • Lip balms
    • Lotions/creams
    • Massage oils
    • Powders and deodorants
    • Eye mask/gel eye-packs
    • Moisturizers
    • Hair removal
    • Skin protection
    • Tooth care
    • Cellulite treatments
    • Shaving kits
    • Make up kits

  • Bath
    • Shower gels
    • Soaps
    • Bath salts
    • Scrubs/exfoliants
    • Body washes
    • Hair care
    • Bubble baths
    • Bath bombs

  • Bath accessories
    • Bath mitts
    • Wool sponges
    • Loofah sponges
    • Net sponges
    • Bath brushes
    • Soap sacks
    • Loofah slippers
    • Pumice stones
    • Towels
    • Bath robes

  • Hand and Foot
    • Soaking crystals
    • Scrubs
    • Lotions/creams
    • Manicure and pedicure kits

  • Others
    • Gift certificates
    • Music CDs
    • Candles
    • Homemade body and bath recipes

Want ideas on how to mix and match these items into awesome gift baskets? Click here to read more.

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