How To Make Gift Baskets – Learn How to Wrap a Gift Basket

I am sure you have reached this page in an effort to learn how to make gift baskets. Well, this page looks at one of the final stages of making gift baskets, i.e., wrapping the gift basket.

How to Make Gift Baskets – How to wrap a gift basket

Once you have arranged your gift items in your chosen basket or container and added the necessary decorative touches to it, you will come to the next stage in making a gift basket, i.e., wrapping the gift basket.

Having said that, not all gift baskets require wrapping. For example, if you are making a flower gift basket or a gift tower, it is nicer to present them without any wrapping. In such cases, you do not have to worry about wrapping your gift basket and the choice is entirely yours.

For those who choose to wrap their gift baskets, there are generally a few options available on how to make gift baskets:
  • Wrappers used – there a few options available, but the general rule of thumb is to use something that is see though so that your gift items can be seen through the wrapping. Most commonly used wrappers are cellophane papers. You can also use tulle netting, shrink wrap or organza material if you like.
  • Assembling method - place your wrapper on your work surface with the right side facing down. Put the gift basket on it in the middle. Gather the wrapper at the top and tie a bow to it. If you are using the shrink wrap, you can use your hair dryer to blow some hot air to make the wrap shrink. Finally, attach a gift card. Alternatively, if you are making a gift tower, you can place your gifts in your chosen gift boxes. Make sure that the boxes are of the same shape but different sizes. Stack the boxes up with the largest box at the bottom and the smallest on top. Tie the boxes together with a long ribbon to hold them in place. Finally, attach a large bow and your gift card on top.

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