Great Tea Gift Basket Ideas

A tea gift basket makes an excellent gift for many occasions, be it birthdays, weddings, retirement, housewarming or even a corporate gift.

And the best thing about a homemade one is that you get to customized it to suit your recipient perfectly.

There are many types of teas available in the market today, and along with that there are also a whole lot of tea accessories that make excellent gift items in a gift basket.

Listed below are ideas for making awesome gift baskets with tea and tea related items.

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Tea gift basket ideas

Idea 1 – Gourmet tea gift basket
Just like the name suggests, you can make a gift basket filled entirely with gourmet items and use tea as the main gift items. All you need to do is get a selection of exclusive teas and pack them into neat packages. Alternatively, you can also get readily packed teas that are meant for gift giving. Once that is done, choose a range of gourmet items to go with the teas such as scone mix, cookies, creamer and sugar packets as well as a bottle or two of jams or preserves. And if your budget allows, you can include a tea cup and saucer as a keepsake gift item. This is especially so if you are presenting the gift basket as a birthday gift.

Idea 2 – Newly wedded tea lovers gift basket
Since this is a wedding gift, you can include a tea set, complete with a teapot and matching cups and saucers, and off course the creamer and sugar set. Also include an infuser or strainer. As for the tea, include a variety of tea samplers. Complete the gift basket with some butter cookies, tea towels and a few scented candles.

Idea 3 – Tea lover gift basket
Using a serving tray as the base, place a tea warmer in the center. Also include 2 or 3 small jars or containers that can be used to store different varieties of tea. As for the tea, but a good selection of teas, including flavored teas and teas from different parts of the world. Also include a tea of the month club membership subscription for a year for the tea lover. A tea lover is someone who will best enjoy the different types of teas. You can finish off the gift basket with some gourmet items if you wish.

Idea 4 – Breakfast gift basket
Make a gift basket filled with breakfast items. The main gift item will of course be the tea. Get a variety of tea bags or gourmet teas in nice packaging. Also include muffin mix, scone mix and pancake mix together with a few bottles of jams or preserves. If you budget allows, you can include a tea cup and saucer for a complete breakfast tea gift basket.

Idea 5 – Chai tea gift basket
Another interesting way of drinking tea is by mixing it with spices. For someone who loves such teas, this chai tea gift basket is a great gift idea. Include in your basket, a selection of chai teas. Also include a few types of plain teas and spices for your recipient to try making their own chai mix. To assist them with his or her new venture, include a book about teas and how to make chai teas. Last but not least, include a tea pot in your gift basket and if you wish, accent your basket with some cookies.

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