Gift Basket Ideas for Bridal Shower Gifts

Bridal Shower Gifts - Every bride deserves to be pampered for her wedding and there is no better way of pampering a bride than lavishing her with gifts. If you are looking for bridal shower gifts that are different from others then gift baskets are an excellent choice.

Not only do you get to give a different gift, you can in fact pack a few gift items in a pretty basket and present it as one big gift. Also, if you cannot make up your mind as to the best gift for the bride, then, gift baskets give you a chance of picking a few cool items and pack them together in a basket as a gift basket.

How to choose a bridal shower gift basket

First and foremost, decide on a theme for the gift basket. There are many suitable themes to choose for a bridal shower gift basket like household items, personalized basket, gifts for the bride, gifts for the couple, keepsakes, gourmet and many more.

Once you have decided on the theme,pick gift items to match your chosen theme. You can also mix and match the themes if you wish.

There are many items you can include in a bridal shower gift basket. Click here for ideas on some of the prettiest and most elegant bridal shower gift items.

Bridal shower gift basket ideas

Idea 1 - Coffee loving couple
This is a gift basket that can be enjoyed by both the bride and her groom. Get a coffee maker and put it in a nice basket. Include some nice gourmet coffee and one set of coffee mugs, one for the bride and one for her groom. Include some cookies if you wish.

Idea 2 - Tea set
Here is an interesting gift basket idea for a couple who loves tea. Buy a tea set consisting of one teapot and 2 matching set of tea cups and saucers. Include packets of exclusive gourmet tea bags and butter cookies to go with the tea.

Idea 3 - Crystal wine glasses
This is a gift everyone would love receiving. Buy a set of 6 wine glasses. Pack them up nicely in a box. Include a bottle of wine and a box of truffles. Put all items in a basket and wrap it with a pretty ribbon

Idea 4 - Set of towels
This is another interesting household themed bridal shower gift basket. Buy a set of 2 towels each of bath towels, hand towels wash clothes. Embroider them with the couple’s initials. Pack the towels in different boxes and tie a ribbon around the corner of each box. Arrange the boxes in a nice basket and accent with fresh flowers.

Idea 5 - Wedding gift set
Things you can include in a wedding gift set basket include guest book and pen, ring bearer pillows, flower girl baskets, matching garters and bubble bottle. Get all this items in the same color tone for a coordinated look. Arrange them all beautiful in a pretty and feminine basket and decorate with ribbons and bows.

Idea 6 - Jewelry set
This is an exciting gift for the bride. Items you can choose to include in the jewelry set are necklace, earrings, bracelet, tiara and anklet. Pack each item individually in jewelry boxes and arrange them nicely in a basket. Accent with fresh flowers and ribbons.

Idea 7 - Bath and spa set
Here is a gift to pamper the bride. Make a bath and spa set basket filled with aromatherapy oil and oil burner, scented body wash, scrub, lotion and bubble bath. If you budget allows, you can also include facial mask, facial scrub, pumice stone, pedicure kit and loofah bath mitten.

Idea 8 - Kitchen gadgets
This is an excellent gift to prepare the bride for her own kitchen. If the bride likes to bake, try making a baking gift basket filled with 2 cake pans (one round and one square one), a spatula, a set of measuring cups and spoons, a kitchen scale and if your budget allows, a cake mixer. You can also include one or two recipe books in the basket.

Idea 9 - Make up kit
Here is a gift basket idea that any bride will love. An important thing to remember is to make sure you get the brand of make up that the bride uses or that the bride likes. Items you can include are like lipstick and lipstick case, mascara, blushes, eye shadow, nail enamel and make up brush set. Also include a nice silk or personalized make up bag and if your budget allows, add a bottle of perfume in the gift basket.

Idea 10 - Crystal ware gift set
Another lovely gift for a new couple would be a set of crystal ware for their new home. Get a set of crystal vases in the same design. Arrange them in a basket and accent the basket with fresh flowers. In that way, when the bride receives the gift basket, she can actually put the flowers in the vases and display them.

Idea 11 - Wedding photos gift basket
This is an excellent keepsake gift idea. With lots of photos taken at the wedding, a gift basket filled with photo albums and photo frames will definitely be very much welcomed. Fill in your gift basket with a lovely wedding photo album and include a range of photo frames of the same design or theme, some that can be used as wall hangings and some that can be displayed on cabinets and mantelpieces. You can also include a personalized wedding platter and if your budget allows, include a camera in the basket too.

Idea 12 - For the new couple
Here is a cool gift basket idea that emphasizes the idea of ‘couples’. Get a set of 2 couple’s mugs and couple’s t –shirt, preferably personalized. Accent the basket with lots of cookies, nuts and chocolates.

Idea 13 - Keepsake gift basket
Create a memorable gift basket for the couple filled with keepsake items like a wedding platter, wedding guest book and pen, couple ornament or figurines and personalized wall hangings or wall art. Put all items in a pretty keepsake box or put the keepsake box together will the rest of the gift items in a pretty basket.

Idea 14 - Newly married Home Sweet Home gift basket
A gift basket filled with items for the newly married couple’s new home is another great bridal shower gift basket idea. Items you can include are a set of canisters, coasters, key holders, a set of pots and pans, waffle pans and other such kitchen and household items.

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