Aromatherapy Gift Basket Ideas

Thinking of presenting an aromatherapy gift basket to someone but not sure what to include in it?

Well, here are some great ideas you can use for your gift basket.

Factors to consider for aromatherapy gift baskets

Before you choose the items that go into the basket, it is important that you first decide on the type of aromatherapy basket you are going to make. For example, if the purpose or general theme you are considering is relaxation, then your gift basket should include aromatherapy scents that will help in relaxation. Alternatively, if your intention is to present a basket which focuses on healing, then choose scents that will help with healing.

Another important tip to consider in making or buying an aromatherapy gift basket is to make sure your gift items are scent and color coordinated. For example, if you choose lavender and vanilla scented items, then make sure all the gift items in your basket are either lavender or vanilla or both. Color coordination is also important to give your basket a professional and coordinated look and feel.

Finally and probably the most important factor is making or buying an aromatherapy gift basket is to be aware of any allergies that can be caused by the aromatherapy products. This is important as you do not want your gift to turn into a hazard to your recipient.

For a complete list of aromatherapy products for your gift baskets, click here.

Aromatherapy Gift Basket Ideas

Idea 1 – Aromatherapy skin care gift basket
With the color and scent coordination tip in mind, you can make a skin care gift basket filled with hand and body lotions, facial scrub and mask, body spray and talcum powder. Accent the basket with scented candles from the same scent as the skin care products.

Idea 2 – Aromatherapy body and bath gift basket
This gift basket idea focuses on bath gifts and among the things you can include in this gift basket are soaps, bath salts, shower gel, a personalized bath robe and to accent the basket, throw in a couple of scented candles. And if you budget allows, include a book on aromatherapy benefits and homemade aromatherapy recipes.

Idea 3 – Aromatherapy hair care gift basket
Here is another interesting theme to choose for an aromatherapy basket. Among the things you can include this is gift basket are hair shampoos and conditioners, essential oils and oil burners. You can also include a book on aromatherapy recipes for health care and relaxation.

Idea 4 – For the home aromatherapy basket
With the home as the main focus, you can present this gift basket filled with items such as essential oils, oil burners, potpourri bags, liquid hand soaps and air diffusers or air fresheners. You can also throw in a couple of scented candles and match with the rest of the items and if possible, also include an informative book on the benefits of aromatherapy.

Idea 5 – Spa gift basket
Spa gift baskets are quite synonym with aromatherapy products. Among the items you can include in this gift basket are massage oils, a soothing music CD and some scented candles. Also include a gift certificate for a truly indulging aromatherapy spa session.

Idea 6 – Homemade aromatherapy remedies gift basket
Here is a gift basket idea that is most suitable for someone who loves to make homemade stuff. Present this gift basket filled with a variety of essential oils and a few books or aromatherapy recipes for remedies and other uses. Accent the basket with a variety of scented candles that the recipient can use around the house.

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