Great Coffee Gift Basket Ideas

A coffee gift basket is a great gift idea for any coffee lover. There are tons of ideas for making coffee gift baskets and while there are many commercially available ones out there, nothing matches a homemade gift basket as you will be able to customize it with gift items that will be really treasured by your recipient.

There are many types of gourmet coffees out there in the market ranging from whole coffee beans to ground coffees as well as organic coffees. In addition to that, there are also many coffee accessories that you can mix and match with your selection of gourmet coffees to create truly stunning coffee gift baskets.

Listed below are ideas for making awesome gift baskets with cheese.

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Coffee gift basket ideas

Idea 1 – College student coffee gift basket
If you have a relative going to college, a coffeebasket will make a good college care gift basket. Using a box or basket as the base, fill it up with a selection of good gourmet coffee as the main gift item. Also include a thermal coffee mug to keep the coffee warm for the student while he or she sits down to study, one or two small coffee jars for the student to keep the gourmet coffee after opening, some sugar packets and creamer packs, coffee stirs and a wide selection of gourmet items like cookies, chocolates and nuts to go along with the coffee. Alternatively, you can also use this idea for a graduation gift basket. All you need to do is include a coffee company share cert (for example Starbucks), with the recipient named as the owner of the share. Frame it up nicely and include it in the gift basket as a graduation gift.

Idea 2 – Coffee lovers wedding gift basket
Coffee themed gift baskets also make great gift for a newly wedded couple, provided they are both coffee lovers. You can make a breakfast-in-bed gift basket with coffee as the main gift item, or simply make a coffee basket that they can both enjoy sometime after the wedding when they are more settled down. For this gift basket, you can use a serving tray as the base. Arrange on the tray, 2 personalized coffee mugs for the bride and her groom, a wide selection for gourmet coffees, a milk frother, some cappuccino mix, a box of exclusive coffee flavored chocolate truffles and accent the tray with some coffee scented candles. If it is a breakfast-in-bed gift, then include a selection of biscotti and shortbread to go along with the coffee.

Idea 3 – Coffee lover’s gift basket
For a true coffee lover, you can make this gift basket, filled with all things coffee. For the main gift item, include a selection of coffee samplers. Being a coffee lover, your recipient would most like that the necessary coffee equipment, so instead of investing on those items, you can include a subscription to a coffee of the month club membership for the recipient to sample and enjoy different types of coffee. In addition to that, you can also include a coffee recipe book with recipes using coffee, a personalized coffee mug and a variety of gourmet items such as cookies, nuts and chocolates. This gift basket will make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, retirement and even for mother’s day or father’s day.

Idea 4 – Mother’s day coffee gift basket
If you mom is a coffee lover, then nothing beats a handmade gift basket filled with not only a great selection of gourmet coffees, but also lots of tender loving care in making it. As is any coffee basket, fill it up with a selection of coffee that you know you mom loves. Also include a personalized mug for her and a special mother’s day gift like a nice poem, mother’s day quotes or a photo frame. Put all the things in a nice keepsake box that will be treasured by your mom.

Idea 5 – Housewarming coffee gift basket
Here is another interesting idea for a coffee themed gift basket. If you have a coffee lover who just moved into a new house, then a coffee basket will make an excellent housewarming gift. As the main gift item, you can include a coffee maker and a selection of gourmet coffees. In addition to that, include a variety of gourmet items like cookies, shortbread and chocolates. You can accent your gift basket with more household items like kitchen towels and fridge magnets. Pack them all nicely on a serving tray or a wicker basket and present it to your recipient.

Idea 6 – Gourmet coffee gift basket
Just like the name suggest, you can even make a coffee basket filled only with gourmet items. First of all, choose the best gourmet coffee you wish to include in your basket. Next choose your recipients favourite gourmet items to go with your basket. Among the things you can include are cappuccino mix, muffin mix, scone mix, shortbread and biscotti and chocolates. To accent the basket, you can include chocolate dipped stir spoons. Pack them all nicely in a shallow basket and attach your gift card to it.

Idea 7 – Corporate coffee basket
Coffee gift baskets are also excellent corporate gifts. Among the things you can include in this basket are coffee samplers packed in nice wooden boxes, a coffee mug or thermal mug, an assortment of cookies and a box of truffles. IT will surely make your coffee loving recipient brim with joy and happiness.

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