Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation gift ideas - Choosing a theme for a graduation gift basket is the next most important thing after deciding on whether the gift basket is for a high school graduation or a college graduation.

Listed on this page are ideas for various themes and gift items to assist you in deciding on the best and most unique gift basket. Alternatively, pick these gift items and present them as individual gifts.

  • Gourmet
    • Chocolates, coffee, tea, nuts, candies, cookies, fruits, snacks, cheese, jelly bean assortment, crackers, savory snacks, etc
  • Stationeries
    • Pen & pen holders, note cards and note pad set, engraved pen and case set, etc
  • Desk and office accessories
    • Calendar desk set, letter opener, card holder, paperweights, mouse pad, etc
  • Keepsakes, photo frames and plaques
  • Jewelry
  • Make-up and personal grooming
  • Electronic accessories and gadgets
    • Computer mouse, USB flash disk, laptop computer, camera, Ipod, etc
  • Away from home gifts
  • Books
    • Motivational, inspiration, how-to books, favorite novels
  • Gift certs
    • Spa, shares, shopping, personal grooming
  • Personalized items
    • T-shirts, photo frames, mugs, teddy bears, keepsake boxes,etc

Want ideas on how to mix and match these items into really cool and elegant graduation gift baskets? Click here to read more.

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