Gift Basket Making Ideas – Great Gift Ideas for Your Homemade Gift Baskets

Gift Basket Making Ideas - Guide to choosing the best gifts for your gift baskets

Choosing gifts for your gift basket is normally the most crucial part of making a gift basket.

The first and most important tip when it comes to buying the gifts is to buy something that will be appreciated by your recipient. There are a number of ways to do this. If you are close enough with the person, you might have an indication of what he or she would expect. Alternatively, you can try to get some ideas from someone close to the recipient who might be able to shed some light as to what he or she is expecting.

Once you have an idea of the type of gift to get, you then have a few alternatives on how best to use your allocated budget on your gift basket. One alternative is to choose one main gift as the centrepiece and then pick a few smaller ones to complement the main gift. This is mainly so if you are buying a gift which on its own is slightly costly. This means that the gift will take a large portion of your budget and you use the balance of your budget to get smaller gifts that will generally complement or adorn the main gift.

Another alternative is to not have any particular centrepiece gift. Instead, you buy a number of smaller gifts that are nevertheless expected by the recipient. Each of the gifts will normally be within the same price range.

While you can buy all the gifts for your gift basket, it will be interesting to present homemade gifts in your gift basket too. In fact, some people would find homemade gifts to have a more personal touch and the effort taken in making the gifts is often seen as symbolizing the amount of love and care you have for them.

Whatever option you choose, try your best to match the gift items to the overall theme of the basket. If possible, try to also colour coordinate the gift basket, especially for gift baskets like spa baskets where a coordinated look and feel will make the basket look more appealing.

Gift Basket Making Ideas - Guide to packaging gifts

  • Gift mix recipes – buy correct size containers – also check for shelf life and provide instruction on storage e.g refrigerate, etc
  • Fresh fruits – pack them at last minute or else fruits will not be fresh when opened.

Gift Basket Making Ideas - Guide to arranging gifts in a gift basket

The general guide for arranging gifts in a gift basket is to put heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on top. Not withstanding that, there are 2 ways of arranging your gifts in a gift basket:
  • The first option is to arrange the biggest and tallest items in the middle towards the back of the basket and the smaller items towards the sides and front of your basket or container. The larger gift items act as a wall against which the smaller gift items can be leaned on. It will also ensure that the basket is balanced in terms of weight and the look and feel. The second option is to have the biggest and tallest items placed right in the centre and smaller items arranged all around the taller ones. This kind of arrangement will also ensure your gift basket is balanced.
  • Once you are done with arranging the gift items, fill up any obvious gaps or spaces with additional decorating or filler items that match the overall theme of the gift basket. Among the most commonly used adornments are individually wrapped candies/chocolates, flowers, ornaments, toys, etc.
  • A good idea to hold your gift items in place once you have arranged them is to tape or glue the gifts to one another. Also, depending on your gift items, you may need to tuck pieces of styrofoam to hold them in place or you may also need to secure some gift items to your basket with a wire or string. A good tip in doing this would be to play around with the arrangement the gifts to make sure they fit in the basket the way you want them to and then remove them and arrange them for the final round – this time, securing them with the necessary glue, wire or styrofoam. In this way, you will not face the risk scarring the wrappings of your gift items as a result of a few rounds of re-arrangements.

Gift Basket Making Ideas – Gift Ideas

Need gift ideas for your gift baskets? Here are some great ideas to inspire you.

Gift Basket Making Ideas - Gift ideas by category:
Animal gifts Aromatherapy gifts
Bath and body gifts BBQ gifts
Breakfast gifts Candle gifts
Candy gifts Cheese gifts
Chocolate gifts Christian gifts
Coffee gifts Coffee and tea gifts
College gifts 1 Cookie gifts
Corporate gifts Firefighter gifts
Fishing gifts Flowers
Fruits Gardening gifts
Golf gifts Sports gifts
Spa gifts Seafood gifts
Popcorn gifts Personalized gifts
Perfume gifts Tea gifts
Pasta gifts Organic gifts
Champagne gifts Beer gifts
Wine gifts Wine and cheese gifts
Kosher gifts Gourmet gifts
Movie gifts

Gift Basket Making Ideas - Gift ideas by occasion:
Anniversary gifts Baby gifts
Birthday gifts Bridal Shower gifts
Graduation gifts Housewarming gifts
Retirement gifts Wedding gifts

Gift Basket Making Ideas - Gift ideas by recipients:
Bridal gifts Family gifts
Friends gifts Grandparents gifts
Husband gifts Teachers gifts
Teen gifts Adult gifts
Baby gifts Boys gifts
Boyfriend gifts Bridesmaid gifts
Child gifts Fathers gifts
Girls gift Groomsmen gifts
Hostess gifts Men gifts
Mothers gifts Nurse gifts
Wife gifts Women gifts
Parents gifts

Gift Basket Making Ideas - Gift ideas by holiday:
Christmas gifts Diwali gifts
Easter gifts Father’s day gifts
Halloween gifts Hanukah gifts
Holiday gifts Mothers day gifts
Rakhi gifts Thanksgiving gifts
Valentines day gifts

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