Bath and Body Gift Basket Ideas

Looking for bath and body gift basket ideas?

Here are some really cool and awesome gift basket ideas with bath and body as the main theme.

Before you decide on the items for your gift basket, consider the following tips:
  • Main purpose of the gift basket
    • The purpose of a bath and body gift basket could range from a simple relaxation gift idea. Alternatively, it could be to pamper the recipient with exclusive body and bath items. Not only that, a body and bath gift basket also makes an excellent romantic gift. So, when you choose the gift items to go into this gift basket, consider its purpose first so that your gift basket is well appreciated by your recipient.

  • Brand of gift items
    • When you pick and choose the gift basket items, always get them from the same brand. Also, if possible, try to color and scents coordinate them for a nice look and feel.

  • Gift basket decoration and side gift items
    • When making a bath and body gift basket, you can always add non-body and bath gift items as the side gifts to make the gift basket more personalized and more attractive. Depending on what the recipient would appreciate the best, you can include items such as gourmet treats, wine, music CDs, books, candles and flowers to make the gift basket look nice and complete.

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Bath and Body Gift Basket Ideas

Idea 1 – Romantic body and bath gift basket
Body and bath gift basket makes an excellent romance-themed gift. Among the things you can include in this gift basket are sensual items like massage oils, scented candles, romantic music CDs and an exclusive box of truffles and a bottle of wine.

Idea 2 – Baby bath gift basket
Here is a great gift basket idea for a baby. Make a gift basket with a bath tub as the base. Fill into the bath tub, a set of baby bath items ranging from baby towels, hair and body wash, baby lotion to baby bath time toys like rubber duckies set, etc.

Idea 3 – For your man gift basket
If you are looking for a gift basket idea for the special man in your life, then this is probably what you are looking for. A bath and body gift basket filled with body and bath items for men will definitely be well received. Among the things you can pick and choose to include in the gift basket are shaving creams and soaps, after shave lotions, shaving brushes and kits, hair and body wash, shower gels, perfume and last but not least, a manicure set. Mix and match the items for a color and scent coordinated look and feel.

Idea 4 – Homemade body and bath gift basket
This is an excellent gift for someone who likes homemade things. Pack together a basket filled with a recipe book or recipe cards for homemade body scrubs, facial mask, massage oils, bubble baths and hand and foot scrubs. Also include a manicure and pedicure kit for an at home manicure and pedicure session.

Idea 5 – Aromatherapy body and bath gift basket
An aromatherapy gift basket is also synonym to a body and bath gift basket. Include in the gift basket, a range of aromatherapy gift items such as shower gels, lotions and creams, and massage oils in coordinating scents. Also include matching scented candles and a soothing music CD and if your budget allows, you can also include a personalized bath robe and loofah slippers.

Idea 6 – Hand and Foot care gift basket
Here is another interesting extension to the body and bath themed gift basket. Make a gift basket filled with hand and foot care items such as a manicure and pedicure kit, hand and feet lotion, foot soaking crystals, foot scrubs, foot brush, hand scrubs, pumice stones and foot and hand massage oils.

Idea 7 – Relaxation body and bath gift basket
You can also make a body and bath gift basket with a relaxation theme. Make a spa gift basket filled with items that will help your recipient to enjoy and relax. Among the spa items you can include are body scrubs, bubble baths, hair shampoos, bath brushes and bath pillows. Complement the items with some aromatherapy candles, a bottle of wine and a box of exclusive truffles.

Idea 8 – New mother gift basket
Body and bath gift basket is also a very well received new mother gift. It is an excellent way of pampering a new mother by gifting her with a range of body and bath items like scented body wash, lotion and dusting powder. Also include a few scented candles, a bathrobe, a pair of loofah slippers and last but not least some gourmet food items like specialty teas and cookies for her to enjoy after her bath session.

Idea 9 – Body and bath birthday gift basket
This makes an excellent gift for young girls and teenagers. Make a body and bath gift basket filled with a range of sweet smelling soaps, bubble baths, shampoos and lotions. You can also include a set of make up kit, perfume and a personalized bath robe for a complete gift for a birthday girl.

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