Decorating Tips and Techniques in Making Gift Baskets

Making gift baskets – Decorating tips and techniques

Once you have arranged your gift items in your chosen basket or container, you will often notice that there are still small gaps in your basket or container. It is best to fill up those gaps as a part of decorating your gift basket. Not only that, even after you are filled up the gaps and wrapped your gift basket, you will have to add some finishing decoration to it. This will not only make a gift basket look full and complete, it will also be pleasing for the eyes.

There are many ways to decorate a gift basket, both before and after wrapping it and here are some cool ideas you can use:
  • Decorative fillers for making gift baskets– Choose fillers that are decorative and those that match the overall colour theme of your gift basket. You can use the general fillers like shredded cellophane or tissue papers. Alternatively, you can use unique fillers like individually wrapped candies, small toys, cookie cutters, silk flowers, artificial ivy leaves, flower petals, fresh flowers and scented candles but be sure that the fillers you use match your gift basket theme.
  • Gift cards – These cards actually have dual purpose. Firstly, they are used to write your special message to your recipient and also to write down your name so that your recipient knows that the basket is from you. This is especially so when you are attending a large function like a wedding or birthday party where there are many invitees and the recipient might not have the time to take note of who gave which gift. Since the gift card is normally placed in the gift basket where it can be easily seen, it also serves as a decoration for your gift basket. It is for this purpose that gift cards come in many different shapes, colours and designs. You can either hand-craft these cards, print them on a computer or use ready-made store bought ones.
  • Bows and ribbons – Bows and ribbons are also very commonly used decorations for gift baskets. These sort of like add the final touches to a gift basket. There are many types of bow and ribbons that you can use to decorate your gift baskets, but just make sure that the colors are well coordinated with your overall gift basket theme. Also, it is a good idea to attach a bow that is of the right size to your basket, i.e., something that is not too big or too small.
  • Adornments for making gift baskets– These refer to the decorative items that you hang or attach to your gift basket after wrapping it. You do not normally see these in store bought gift baskets, but for homemade ones, adding these adornments to your gift basket will definitely make your gift baskets look more appealing. For example, if you are making a baking gift basket filled with items to bake cookies, you can use the cookie cutters as the adornments. Once you have wrapped your gift basket, tie the cookie cutters to a ribbon and let them hang on the sides of your gift basket. There are many items that can be used as adornments such as toys, chocolate spoons, measuring cups and spoons and many more. The trick is too choose small items that are easy to attach outside the gift basket wrapping.

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