Retirement Gift Ideas

Retirement Gift Ideas - Are you thinking of presenting a gift basket to a collegue or relative who is going to retire soon?

Do you need gift ideas for your retirement gift baskets?

Well, here a list of truly memorable and useful retirement gifts you can include in your gift baskets. Mix and match these gifts for a most memorable retirement gift basket.

  • Gourmet
    • Chocolates, coffee, tea, nuts, candies, cookies, fruits, snacks, cheese, jelly bean assortment, crackers, savory snacks, breakfast, etc
  • Hobbies
    • Sports, reading, music, gardening, knitting, movies, fishing, etc
  • Playing Cards
  • Scrapbook
  • Gag gifts
  • Travel gear
  • Gift Cards
    • Fine dining, club memberships, etc
  • Keepsakes
    • Photo frames, photo albums,plaques, t-shirts, caps
  • Spa Items

Want ideas on how to mix and match these items into awesome retirement gift baskets? Click here to read more.

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