Gift Basket Making Equipment - Tools and Supplies

Gift Basket Making Equipment - Making your own gift baskets is a form of handiwork, whereby you work on creating and making a gift using the best of your artistic skills and creativity. And as in any form of handiwork, you will need to have the necessary equipment and supplies in making gift baskets so as to produce gift baskets that not only look professional, neat and beautiful but also make the whole process of creating gift baskets simpler and easier.

Listed below are all the basic gift basket making equipment and supplies that you need to have at hand before you start making your own gift baskets. Most of these items are normally found in our homes and it is a good idea to keep these gift basket making equipment and supplies together in a common work area so that they are all within your reach when you set on making your gift baskets.

Basic Gift Basket Making Equipment, Tools and Supplies

  • Scissors –useful as a general cutting tool
  • Glue and glue gun – among the most basic gift basket making equipment and tools that you should have. Glue is particularly useful to hold gift items in place or to hold gift basket decorations like ribbons and flowers in place
  • Hole puncher – particularly useful if you are making your own gift cards to be attached to the gift basket.
  • Adhesive tapes (single and double sided) – these are very useful to hold gift items together and prevent them from moving once you have arranged them in the gift basket or container.
  • Markers – Colourful markers will be useful to decorate plain gift boxes and bags. They will also be useful to write on gift cards.
  • Paints – You can have a range of paints, from water-based paints to oil based paints and fabric and ceramic paints. All these will prove useful to decorate your gift items. For example, you can use the ceramic paint to personalize a mug for a birthday gift basket.
  • Stickers – there are many cute and creative stickers you can find out there in craft and stationary shops. Have some of these at hand as they will prove very useful to label your gifts, especially edible recipe mix as well as decorate your gift boxes and bags.
  • Fabric pieces/scraps, linen – These will be useful as gift basket fillers. You can also use them to decorate your gift baskets instead of ribbons.
  • Thin wire and wire cutter – Wire will be particularly useful to tie your gifts to your gift basket. And when you are working with wire, you will definitely need a wire cutter.
  • Wrapping papers – These will be good to wrap the gifts before you put them in your gift basket. Also, you can always keep wrapping papers from gifts that people give you and recycle them in gift baskets as fillers.
  • Gift baskets and containers – You can literally use any container as a gift basket. Always be on the look out for attractive containers that you come across and these will definitely be of use when you need one.
  • Filler items – it is a good idea to keep some form of general fillers. By general we mean those that can be used for any gift baskets. Most common ones would be tissue papers, excelsior (wood shavings), shredded paper and fabric strips or scraps.
  • Gift cards – Gift cards are those cards you attach to gift baskets with your message for your recipient written on them. These cards can either be store-bought or printed at home. Either way, have some ready ones available in stock at all times.
  • Ribbons – There are many types of ribbons that can be used for gift baskets. Ribbons are generally used to decorate your gift basket and as such, the choice of ribbons to use really depends on your taste and creativity. Ribbons in the form of bows can do wonders as a final touch to your gift baskets, so be sure to have some available at home. Some of the more common ribbons for gift baskets are wired ribbons (can hold shape), organza ribbons, satin ribbons and raffia ribbons.
  • Adornments/decorative items – Aside from fillers, often when you make gift baskets, you will notice that there is always some gap in between your gift items. You can off course use more filler to close the gap, but another creative idea to cover those gaps is to use adornments or decorative items that suite the overall theme of your gift basket. Having said that, there are also some general ones available such as silk flowers, candles, potpourri and individually wrapped candies that will fit well with most gift basket. Have these ones handy to save you from having to search for them when you are running out to time to make your gift baskets.
  • Wraps – Just like the name suggests, these are the material you use to wrap your gift baskets. You can off course choose not to completely wrap your gift basket. But for those that you would like to wrap, you can choose cellophane rolls, tulle netting, organza material and even shrink wrap. You can also have some stock of any of these wraps to use when faced with time limitation.

An important and practical tip about these gift basket making equipment, tools and supplies, especially the baskets and containers, fillers, ribbons, adornments, stickers, fabric scraps and gift cards is to buy or collect these items as and when you come across them while on the move. In that way, you will always have them handy when you are pressed for time.

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