Retirement Gifts - Gift Basket Ideas For Retirement

Gift baskets are a great choice for retirement gifts. Just as in any other occasion, gift baskets allow you to mix and match various gift items and package them in your own unique and creative way. Not only that, they also give a lot of personal touch to the present and this definitely adds on more sentimental value to the gifts.

Gifts for retirement are generally given to family members, friends or colleagues and one great retirement gift idea is a gift basket. Gift baskets make such an excellent choice as retirement gifts because they not only allow you to mix and match various gift items, they also add lots of sentimental value to the gifts with your unique and creative way of packaging the gift items in the gift baskets.

An important factor to consider in deciding on a retirement gift basket is the theme of the basket. There are many themes you can consider depending on the person you are presenting the gift basket to.

One option is to base the gift basket on the hobbies and interest of the recipient. Now that he/she is retiring, there will be plenty of time for him/her to pursue their hobbies full time.

Another option would be to assemble a gift basket based on the accomplishment of the recipient at work. Such a theme will make the recipient feel appreciated for all the years of hard work and dedication.

Besides that, you can also design a gift basket that centers on the acknowledgement of the start of a new phase in the recipient’s life. Gone is the 9 to 5 work phase and now that the retiree is moving to a ‘lots of free time’ phase, you can make a gift basket filled with items that can give him/her ideas for the free time.

Another interesting theme for a retirement gift basket is remembrance and memories. Here, you can include items that can be kept as keepsakes and remembrance of the retiree’s working life or of the retiree’s colleagues or friends at work for the years to come.

Retirement gift baskets can also be centered on a ‘relaxation’ theme. Synonym to retirement is lots of free time and relaxation and years of continuous work. Gift baskets with themes like spa, travel, wine and cigar are excellent choice for the ‘relaxation’ theme.

Gag gifts are also an interesting theme for a retirement gift basket. However, you need to make sure that you are close enough with the recipient to be sure that your gifts will be taken with as a joke and not in any other way.

And last but not least, you can also make a general retirement gift baskets filled with general items like trophies and plaques. And as in any other occasion, you can also always present a gourmet gift basket filled with the recipient’s favorite gourmet food items. This kind of gift baskets are suitable if you are not particularly close to the retiree or if you are not sure as to what to present to the retiree.

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Retirement Gift Basket Ideas

Idea 1 - Cookies gift basket
Make a cookies gift basket filled with an assortment of cookies such as chocolate chip cookies, butter cookies, chocolate cookies, nuts cookies, fortune cookies and others. You can also include cookies which are decorated with chocolate and other icing.

Idea 2 - Golf gift basket
This can be a hobby themed gift basket or a sports themed gift basket. Whatever the theme is, this is an excellent gift for a golf enthusiast. Among the items you can include in a golf gift basket are golf balls, golf tees, gloves, golfer accessories kit and first aid kit including lip balm, sun block lotion and other first aid items.

Idea 3 - Spa gift basket
Here is a gift basket for a lady retiree. Nothing is more soothing and relaxing than a spa and a spa gift basket will definitely delight the recipient. Include in the gift basket, items such as scented lotions, soaps, bath salts, exfoliating foot scrub and a pedicure kit. Also include some scented candles and if you budget allows, include a personalized bath robe in the gift basket.

Idea 4 - Gardening gift basket
This is an excellent gift for a gardening enthusiast or for a retiree who plans to take up gardening as a new hobby. Either way, a gardening gift basket will definitely help the recipient to kick start his or her new venture. Among the things you can include in a gardening gift basket are a set of gardening tools, gloves, kneeling pads and an assortment of seed packets. You can either pack all the items into a watering can which can serve as the basket or pack them in a wicker basket. If you wish, you can also include an assortment of cookies and nuts and a variety of tea bags for the retiree to enjoy in his or her garden.

Idea 5 - Wine gift basket
This is a great ‘relaxation’ themed retirement gift basket idea. You can include in the gift basket, 2 or 3 bottles of fine wine and an assortment of nuts, truffles and cheese. You can also include a few varieties of cheeses, a cheese spreader and a cheese board.

Idea 6 - Play cards gift basket
If you know that the retire loves to play cards, then this would make a great retirement gift. Get him a complete set of play cards including a deck of personalized cards, a card box, card holders, poker chips, shufflers and tally or score pads. Pack them all nicely in the card box or a basket and accent the basket with some gourmet items.

Idea 7 - Travel supplies gift basket
Most people go on vacation once they retire. And if you know that your recipient has such travel plans, then this travel supplies gift basket will definitely be welcomed. Among the travel supplies you can include in the gift basket are travel pillow, mesh packers, toiletry kit, waist pack, back pack, travel toiletry set and travel laundry pack. All these items can be packed into the back pack or into a basket. If you budget allows, you can include a holiday ticket in the gift basket too.

Idea 8 - Books gift basket
Reading is a hobby to many people and nothing would make them happier than to be presented with the books they have wanted to buy or read. Find out from family and friends as to the topics or exact books the retiree likes or intends to buy and put them all nicely in a gift basket. You can also include a few bookmarks with retirement quotes on them in the basket. Alternatively, if you are not sure of the books to buy but do know that reading is an enjoyable activity for the retiree; you can always present him or her with gift certificates to buy books. And in such cases, since the gift certificates are small and will not be able to fill up the gift basket, you can include a range of gourmet items like an assortment of cookies, nut and chocolates or fruits.

Idea 9 - Gourmet gift basket
This is a general theme for a retirement gift basket and is most often chosen when you cannot make up your mind as to the best theme for your gift basket. Despite being a very common gift basket, gourmet gift baskets make great retirement gift baskets. Simply choose the retiree’s favorite gourmet items and turn them into a gift basket. Alternatively, choose a mix of gourmet items to put in the gift basket. Arrange them nicely in a basket or box and include your message card to it.

Idea 10 - Keepsake gift basket
Presenting a retiree with keepsake items is also a great idea. These items will remind the retiree of his or her working days and all the good memories that were shared during those working years. Among the keepsake items you can include are pocket watch or wrist watch, a personalized plaque, t-shirts and a bottle of wine that can be enjoyed by the retiree.

Idea 11 - Fine dining gift card gift basket
If you know that the retiree is someone who loves finer things in life like fine dining, then presenting him or her with a fine dining gift card gift basket will surely be delightful for the recipient. Purchase a fine restaurant gift card. Include it in the gift basket along with a bottle of fine wine, a box of exclusive truffles or chocolates and if the recipient is a male, a cigar and a cigar case. If the recipient is a female, you can consider presenting a lovely pearl bracelet or brooch.

Idea 12 - Knitting gift basket
Here is a great idea for someone who loves knitting. Among the things you can include in a knitting gift basket are a selection of yarns of different colors, knitting needles and one or two books on knitting techniques and knitting patterns. You can also include in the basket a personalized wooden box or bag for keeping the yarn and needles after using.

Idea 13 - Work at home gift basket
This is an excellent idea for a retiree who loves working. Now that he or she has retired from a 9 to 5 job, give them ideas for work at home opportunities. Include in your gift box a full one year subscription for Site Built It, an excellent work at home program. Also include in the gift basket a range of gourmet items to accent the gift basket

Idea 14 - Gift certificates gift basket
There are lots of gift certificates that can be presented as a retirement gift. For example, you can get gift certificates for gym membership, dance class subscription, yoga class subscription, photography lessons, baking lessons and others. Simply purchase the most suitable gift certificate, put it in a pretty envelope and place it in the gift basket along with a selection of the recipient’s favorite gourmet items.

Idea 15 - Sweet memories gift basket
Nothing is more memorable for a retiree as a retirement present than a gift that will remind him or her of all the wonderful working years he or she has spent and all the friends and colleagues he or she has befriended along the way. An excellent memorable gift idea is a scrapbook. Make a scrapbook about the retiree and if possible, gain the input of other friends or former colleagues of the retiree by requesting them to contribute to a few pages each in the scrapbook. Place the scrapbook in a pretty keepsake box and place it in the gift basket along with a personalized photo frame, mug and a few gourmet items.

Idea 16 - Movie gift basket
Here is a gift basket perfect for a retiree who loves movies. Make a movie gift basket filled with a set of 4 or 5 of the recipient’s favorite movie DVDs. Also include a selection of nuts, popcorn and chips for the retiree to enjoy while watching the movies.

Idea 17 - Fishing gift basket
Fishing is very well known as a relaxing activity. If your retiree is someone who loves fishing or has been thinking about engaging in fishing as a hobby, then a fishing gift basket will definitely be thrilling. Among the items you can include in a fishing basket are fishing line, fish hook removers, bobbers, bobberstops, swivel and a set of rain gear. Also include in the gift basket, a first aid kit, should the ‘fisherman’ need it during his fishing activities.

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