Wedding Gift Basket Ideas

Wedding Gift Basket - Weddings mark an important day in a couple’s lives. And, as in any other occasion, getting a gift for the newly married couple is a must. Often, the best thing to do when deciding on a wedding gift is to look at the wedding registry. You will get an idea of what the couple would treasure most and with your creativity, you can turn that gift into a really unique and exclusive gift by packing it into a wedding gift basket.

Gift baskets make an excellent choice as wedding gifts. Not only do you get to give the newly married couple a gift, you get to do it with lots of creativity and style, thus turning the gift from a simple gift to an exclusive and personalized one.

One of the most important considerations in making a wedding gift basket is to decide on the recipient. Off course, most of the time, the gift would be for the couple. But there are also times when you would want to make the gift basket specifically for the bride or the groom.

Once you have decided on the recipient, the next most important thing is to decide on a theme. The best way to decide the theme for the basket is off course to check the wedding registry. Also, you can make a gift basket that would reflect the couple’s hobbies or interests. Alternatively, you could decide on a theme that centers on the household items, like kitchen gadgets, DIY tools, home deco items and much more. You can also make a wedding gift basket with themes that centre on their honeymoon vacation or their favorite sport.

And if you are not sure of what to get the newly married couple, then a gourmet gift basket would be an excellent choice. A basket filled with exclusive food items like wine and truffles will surely make the bride and the groom’s day.

Once you have decided on the theme, choose the gift items that centre on that theme and last but not least, include a personalized message card in the basket.

Below I have listed some great wedding gift basket ideas. I hope you will find the ideas inspiring in making or deciding on your next wedding gift basket.

Wedding Gift Basket Ideas

Idea 1 – Chocolates and champagne gift basket
Champagne and truffles are an excellent choice as a wedding gift. Combine both in a champagne chiller and include 2 personalized champagne flutes. Accent with fresh flowers a large bow for an exclusive wedding gift basket.

Idea 2 – Luxurious bath gift set.
Just like the name suggests, a luxurious bath gift set filled with special bath items is also an excellent wedding gift basket idea. Using a wicker basket as the base, include bubble bath, body wash, scented soaps and exfoliating body scrub. Make sure that the items choosen are of the same set of color or fragrance and if you budget allows, include a pair of personalized bathrobes for the bride and the groom.

Idea 3 – Wine and pasta gift basket
A wine and pasta gift basket can double as a dinner for two gift basket. All you need to go is include a bottle of wine, different types of pastas and pasta sauces. Also include a box of truffles or chocolates for dessert. Pack all the items in a colander and decorate it with ribbons and a message card.

Idea 4 – All things chocolate gift basket
If you are thinking of a gourmet gift basket for the wedding couple, try making a chocolate gift basket. Chocolates are known to be romantic food and using the chocolate as the main theme, you can include in the gift baskets, various chocolate fruits like apples and strawberries dipped in chocolate. Also include a selection of exclusive truffles, chocolate and other chocolate food items like chocolate covered nuts and cookies. For a more exclusive look, make sure each food item is individually packed in elegant and transparent packages. Arrange the items in a basket and accent the basket with ribbons and fresh flowers.

Idea 5 – Picnic for 2
This give basket will not only contain items you need for a picnic, it could also give an excellent idea for the newly married couple of an activity they can do together after their wedding – to go for a picnic! All you need to make a picnic gift basket is snack items like cookies, nuts and chips. Pack them all nicely in a picnic basket and include a table cloth in it. Also include a bottle of wine and 2 personalized wine glasses.

Idea 6 – Wedding keepsake gift basket
Another excellent idea for a wedding gift basket is to make one with items that will be a keepsake or remembrance for the bride and groom of their wedding in the years to come. Among the things that can be included in a wedding keepsake gift basket include wedding photo album, photo frames and a personalized wedding cake server set. You can also include items like a personalized bride and groom figurines and a wedding platter. Pack each item individually and arrange them in a keepsake box.

Idea 7 – Beach basket
Here is another interesting idea for a wedding gift basket. As in the picnic gift basket, not only does this gift basket contain things that one would normally take along when going to a beach, it will also be a great source of idea for the newlyweds of an activity they can do after their wedding, which is off course, going to the beach. For the base, instead of using a basket, you can use a beach bag. Include in the bag, 2 pairs of beach slippers, 2 personalized towels, a beach mat, sunscreen lotion, skin moisturizers and lip balm. Also include a bottle of champagne and a set of 2 crystal flutes for the couple to enjoy while relaxing at the beach.

Idea 8 – wedding gift set gift basket
A wedding gift set gift basket can include among other things, a cake topper, a wedding cake server set, a bottle of wine with 2 personalized wine glasses and a box of exclusive truffles for the bride and groom to enjoy after the wedding.

Idea 9 – Dinnerware wedding gift basket
Dinnerware has always been a common gift for weddings. If you are planning to get a dinnerware as a wedding gift, then you can make your gift look exclusive by arranging them into a gift basket. Instead of just the dinnerware, include some placemats, napkins, runners and candles. Be sure to color coordinate for a more classy look for your gift basket.

Idea 10 - For the kitchen gift basket
This is another excellent idea for a wedding gift. Among the utensils you can include are serving tray, cutting board, a cutlery set, a knife set, measuring cups and spoons, salad server set, corkscrew and bottle opener. Arrange the utensils into a bouquet and tie a ribbon around them. Place the utensils bouquet into a basket and add in a recipe book or two for a complete kitchen gift basket.

Idea 11 – Tea set wedding gift basket
Here is a great idea for a couple who loves tea. Buy a pretty tea set which includes tea cups, saucers and a teapot. Arrange them carefully in a basket and accent it with a selection of fine teas. You can also include some cookies for the couple to enjoy with their tea.

Idea 12 – Flowers gift basket
If you are thinking of giving the bride and groom a bouquet of flowers for their wedding, why not make it into a flower gift basket. Include in the basket, a set of designer crystal vases and lots of fresh flowers. You can either choose the same kind of flowers or a variety of different flowers. Either way, the couple can display the flowers in the crystal vases you present to them.

Idea 13 – Personalized wedding gift basket
Just like the name suggests, you can make a gift basket with all things that are personalized in it. Among the things you can include are a set of couple t-shirt, caps, a set of towels with the bride and groom’s initials and a set of personalized mugs. Pack each set of items in clear boxes and decorate them with bows. Arrange all the boxes into a basket tie a large bow around it.

Idea 14 – For the bedroom gift basket
This is another great idea for a wedding gift basket. In fact, this gift could be from the wedding registry itself. Buy a pretty set of bed linen with matching pillow cases, duvet and comforter. You can also include a set of bath towels with a matching theme or color scheme for a coordinated look. Arrange the items in a basket and throw in a few scented candles for a complete ‘for the bedroom gift basket’.

Idea 15 – Romantic gift basket
This could double up as a honeymoon gift basket and an ideal wedding gift for a couple who are close to you. There are wide range of items you can include in a romantic wedding gift basket such as massage oils, body paints, scented candles, satin robes and a romantic love story DVD. You can also include a set of romantic toy kit in the gift basket to spice up the romance of the newly married couple.

Idea 16 – Gourmet wedding gift basket
Last but not least, you can always give a gourmet gift basket as a wedding gift. This gift basket, is the most versatile one as it can be presented not only for weddings but also for many other occasions. It is also an excellent wedding gift basket idea when you cannot make up your mind on a suitable gift basket theme for a newly married couple. To make a gourmet wedding gift basket, you can make a gift tower by filling different gourmet items into individual boxes and stack them together starting with the largest box as the base and the smallest box at the top most. Among the items you can include are cookies, chocolates, candies, savory snacks and nuts. Tie them together with a ribbon and attach a big bow and a message card to it.

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