Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

The trick in making pleasant baby shower gift baskets lies in choosing coordinating colors or central theme. For instance, if you buy baby essential clothing, get them all from the same brand or color scheme. If the baby clothing has a monkey theme for instance, you can include a small monkey toy in the basket. These little tricks will give the gift basket a nice coordinated look and feel.

How to decide on a baby shower gift basket

First and foremost, decide on the recipient for the gift basket. While the occasion is a baby shower, you may wish to make the gift basket not only for the baby but also to the mother, the mother and father as well as the baby’s siblings. Also take into consideration if the gift basket is for twins and more babies.

Next, choose a basket as the base for the gift basket. There are many baskets or containers to be used as the base for a baby shower gift basket. For example, you can use wicker baskets, a baby bath tubs, rocking horses or rocking chairs, diaper bags, tote bags, car seats, swings, nursery baskets, baby bassinets, high chairs or other baby items and will be able to hold baby items in it.

Finally, decide on the gift items to be included in the baskets and wrap the basket up nicely with ribbons and accent with cute little baby toys like rattles, etc. There are many items you can include in a baby shower gift basket. If the baby is a girl, you can choose frilly things and pink theme color. For boys, you can choose more macho themed items. Click here for ideas on some of the cutest and most unique baby gift items.

Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

Idea 1 - Diaper bag gift basket
This idea uses a diaper bag as the base. Fill the bottom of the bag with diapers. Put a nice cuddly soft toy on one side of the bag and till the rest of the bag with baby toiletries like powder, lotion, oil, nail clipper, hair brush, baby wipes and others. Be sure to really fill up the bag so as to give it an overflowing look.

Idea 2 - Bath time gift basket
Use a baby bath tub as the base. Layer the bottom with one or more of large baby towels. Fill in the bath tub with baby bath time items like hair and body wash, wash clothes, wash mitts and don’t forget to include one or more rubber duckies.

Idea 3 - Baby and mom gift baskets
Use a wicker basket as the base. For the baby, you can fill in items like baby hair and body wash, baby oil and lotion and a matching set of cardigan, pants, hat, bib, booties and mittens. As for the mom, fill in the basket with items like scented body wash, lotion and dusting powder. Also include a few scented candles.

Idea 4 - Educational Gift Basket
Just like the name suggested, you can make a baby shower gift basket filled with books and other educational items for the baby. Choose baby books such as those touch and feel, lift the flap and board books. You can also include educational CDs and DVDs. Accent the basket with one or two toys.

Idea 5 - Keepsake baby shower gift basket
For this idea, you can use the chosen keepsake box as the base. Include a variety of keepsake items like first curl box, nursery bracelet box, handprint kit, scrapbook kit, photo frames, first tooth box, time capsule sets and embroidered baby clothing.

Idea 6 - Twins gift basket
For a twins gift basket, you have a choice of either packing the gifts into one basket of having two baskets, ie one basket for each baby. Either way, get 2 sets of everything you include in the gift basket. Another interesting idea is to make 2 diaper cakes and put them in 2 different baskets. Accent the diaper cakes with baby toys and baby things like lotion, shampoo, etc.

Idea 7 - Personalized basket
Include all things personalized in this gift basket. For example, but a set of baby clothing and bedding set and embroider them each with the baby’s initials. Arrange the things nicely in a wicker basket and accent with a personalized photo frame and a few baby toys.

Idea 8 - Siblings gift basket
This is a great idea for babies who already have an elder sibling. All the attention for the newborn baby can leave an elder sibling feeling left out. It is always a good idea to bring a gift for the siblings when you attend a new born baby function. Here are some cool ideas for a sibling gift basket:

  • Rocking chair
  • Personalized tote and stationery set
  • Toys
  • Cookies and candies
  • Educational books and CDs or DVDs

Idea 9 - New mother gift set
Sometimes, instead of bringing gifts only for the baby, it is also a good idea to bring some gifts for the new mom. After all, it is not easy to carry a baby for 9 months and deliver the child! Here are some ideas for new mom gift baskets:
  • Tea basket – fill a basket with herbal teas, and elegant teapot and matching tea cup and saucer. Include some butter cookies to go with the tea.
  • Aromatherapy basket – fill the basket with scented body and bath items like body butter, bath salts, body scrub, bubble bath, body lotion and dusting powder. Also throw in some nice scented candles.

Idea 10 - New parents gift basket
Here is a cool gift basket idea for new parents. Generally, you can include items which will help the new parents learn and adjust to life with children. Include a camera for them to capture all the beautiful moments with their child, parenting books to guide them in raising their child. Also include a scrapbook kit, a photo album, a few photo frames and accent the basket with some gourmet items like cookies and chocolates.

Idea 11 - Organic gift basket
Go organic with an organic baby shower gift basket. Choose baby essential clothing such as onesies, hooded towels, socks and bedding items made of 100% organic cotton. Accent the basket with a cuddly soft toy also made of 100% organic material. Place all items in a cute wicker basket and tie a pretty ribbon around them.

Idea 12 - Diaper cake
This is an interesting gift basket idea for babies. The diaper cakes also make excellent centerpieces at baby showers. Make a 3 tier diaper cake. Tie a wide ribbon around each layer and accent the cake with small bottles of baby essential items like baby shampoos and lotions and also baby toys like rattles, small teddy bears and rubber duckies.

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