House Warming Gifts – Gift Basket Ideas For Housewarming

House warming gifts are gifts we present to friends, relatives and neighbors who have just moved into a new house and one great gift ideas for housewarmings is gift baskets.

Gift baskets make excellent housewarming gifts as you can mix and match various gift items and present it in your own unique and creative way. And as in choosing gifts for any other occasion, it is important to firstly decide on a theme when planning a housewarming gift basket.

Choosing or deciding a housewarming gift basket theme is relatively simple. All you need to do is focus on one part of the house and that becomes your main theme. For example, if your focus is the kitchen, then the theme for the gift basket would be kitchen related item like kitchen utensils – ranging from cookware to bake ware and cookbooks and aprons.

Another option for choosing a housewarming gift basket is by choosing a sport the recipient likes, gourmet items or a favorite pass time. The problem with this kind of themes, except for gourmet gift basket is that you must know the recipient well; otherwise you might end up getting him or her a gift that is not of use for him or her or not well appreciated.

And as in any other gift baskets, it is always a good idea to include a personal message card to the gift basket.

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Housewarming gift basket ideas

Idea 1 - Coffee maker gift set
Here is an interesting house warming gifts idea. Buy a coffee maker as the main gift item. To accent it, you can include a range of coffee related items in the gift basket such as coffee beans, gourmet coffee –flavoured cookies and a set of personalized coffee mugs. Arrange them all nicely in a basket and tie a nice ribbon around it.

Idea 2 - ‘For the home’ quotations gift basket
Make a wine and gourmet gift basket filled with a variety of chocolates, chips, cookies and a bottle of wine. Include in the basket, a book of beautiful quotations for the new home.

Idea 3 - Fresh fruits gift basket
This is an excellent idea for a gift basket if you are unable to make up your mind on the most suitable theme for the house warming gifts. You can also make this fruits gift basket when you are not very close with the recipient. Making a fruits gift basket is very simple. An important tip to remember is to arrange the heaviest fruits at the bottom of the basket and the lightest ones on top. In that way, none of the fruits will get squashed. You can accent the basket with some fresh flowers if you wish, or alternatively, tie a pretty ribbon around the basket.

Idea 4 - Fresh flowers gift basket
Similar to the fresh fruits gift basket above, flowers gift baskets make excellent house warming gifts when you cannot make up your mind on the most suitable theme for a housewarming gift basket. In fact, fresh flowers gift basket is one of the best gift baskets as house warming gifts as fresh and bright flowers will add lots of brightness and happiness in the new home. You can arrange a variety of flowers in the basket or alternatively, you can also make a flower basket with just one type of flowers. Whichever option you choose, be sure to arrange the flowers well and if your budget permits, you can also include one or two crystal vases in the basket. That way, the recipient can display the flowers you present in the vases.

Idea 5 - Italian food gift basket
This gift basket will be useful for the recipient to prepare a quick Italian dinner after all the hard work and long hours involved in moving houses. Using a colander as the base, include 2 or 3 types of pasta, Italian sauce mix, cheese and Italian breadsticks. Also include a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates to complete the meal.

Idea 6 - Gourmet gift baskets
These versatile gift baskets also make great house warming gifts. Not only do the recipients get to enjoy the snacks but they can also be offered to guests who visit their new home. There are many choices in making gourmet gift baskets. You can either make a single themed gourmet gift basket such as chocolate gift basket or snacks gift basket. Alternatively, you can make a gift basket with an assortment of gourmet items such are cookies, nuts, chocolates, savory snacks and others. Whatever you choose to make, be sure to arrange them nicely in a basket or box and tie a pretty bow around the basket. Attach your message card in the basket.

Idea 7 - Candles gift basket
Make an aromatherapy gift basket filled with a variety of scented candles in different shapes and sizes. Include two or three exclusive candle holders and one or two photo frames. The aromatherapy effect will help the recipients to relax and unwind after a long day of moving house.

Idea 8 - For the bathroom gift basket
There are a number of gift baskets you can make with just the bathroom as the main theme. For instance, you can make a body and bath gift basket filled with lotions, soaps, shampoos, body wash and even a pedicure kit and foot massager. Alternatively, you can make a spa gift basket filled with spa items like scented bubble bath, lotions, body scrub, scented candles and a soothing music DVD. Another interesting bathroom themed gift basket would be a bathroom accessories gift basket filled with small bathroom accessories like shower curtain, bathroom mat, toilet covers, toothbrush holder and a shower rack. Off course you can accent the basket with scented soaps and candles. Last but not least, you can also make a towels gift basket. Fill the basket with bath towels, hand towels and bathrobes. Be sure to choose them in coordinated colors. If possible, you can also personalize the towels with embroidered initials on them. All these make really great house warming gifts that will be really be appreciated by the recipients.

Idea 9 - Beer gift basket
Here is a cool gift basket idea that will definitely be welcomed to chill out after a long and hard day of moving houses. Using a galvanized steel bucket or simply a chiller basket, pack six cans of beer of your choice and include a variety of gourmet items to be enjoyed with the beer like an assortment of nuts and chips. And if you budget allows, you can also include a set of beer glasses in the beer gift basket.

Idea 10 - Breakfast gift baskets
This is another thoughtful gift basket that make great house warming gifts for the family who have just moved houses. Present them with a breakfast gift basket filled with easy to prepare breakfast given that they will be tired from moving houses. Among the things you can include in a breakfast gift basket are pancake and waffle mix, maple syrup, a variety of fruit preserves like strawberry, raspberry and marmalade. You can also include some ham slices and last but not least a selection of fine breakfast teas and coffee.

Idea 11 - For the garden gift basket
If the recipients of your house warming gifts have just moved into houses with garden spaces, then garden gift baskets will be a great as house warming gifts idea. Using a flower pot or a watering can as the base, you can include a wide variety of garden items into your gift basket such as garden bells, wind chimes, garden statues, signs and plaques, gardening tools, kids gardening tools, gardening gloves and seed packs. Pick and choose the items you wish to present and pack them nicely in your choose base.

Idea 12 - For the kitchen gift basket
Kitchen themed gift baskets are open for lots of creative ideas. There are many themes within the kitchen gift basket that you can choose for house warming gifts. For example, you can make a cutleries gift basket filled with cutlery sets and knife sets. Or you can make a spice gift basket filled with a spice rack, spice containers and a range of spices. You can also make a pasta gift basket filled with a range of pastas, pasta sauces and mixes. And if you budget allows, you can also make glassware, chinaware or crystal ware gift basket filled with exclusive tea sets, dinner sets or wine and champagne glasses. Other great kitchen themed gift basket idea would be a bakeware gift basket filled with cake trays, measuring cups and spoons, recipes books, apron and a kitchen scale. And last but not least, you can also make a generalized kitchen gift basket filled with general kitchen items like canisters, aprons, cutting boards, serving trays, coasters, kitchen towels and mittens and mugs. Similarly, there also a wide range of ideas for a kitchen gift basket base. You can either use a large baking tray, a cake pan, a wok, a colander or simply use a pretty wicker basket. Whatever you decide, arrange the chosen gift items in your basket and decorate with ribbons and don’t forget to include a message card to it.

Idea 13 - Family past time gift basket
Board games and puzzles are an excellent choice for the whole family to play and enjoy together for quality family time. Get a set of popular board games and/or puzzles like chess, carom, snakes & ladders, monopoly, scrabble and others. Also, if there are any young children in the family, get one or two games for them as well to keep them occupied while the rest of the family is playing the board games. Accent the board games basket with an assortment of nuts and candies that can be enjoyed together while playing the games.

Idea 14 - For the bedroom gift set
This is another interesting idea for a house warming gifts. Get a set of bed sheet and matching pillow cases as the main gift item. Also get an alarm clock, a few aromatherapy candles and a set of candle holders and 2 photo frames that match the theme of the bed sheet and pillow cases. Wrap each item in clear boxes and tie a ribbon around each. Place them nicely in a basket and include your gift card with it.

Idea 15 - Home deco gift basket
Here is a general theme you can choose for house warming gifts. Among the items you can include in the gift basket are wall deco items such as wall art and wall hangings, table fountains, photo frames and family trees, wall clocks, candles and candleholders, crystal vases, family figurines and door knocker. Simply pick and choose the items you wish to present based on your budget. You can also include a book of inspirational quotes for the new home. Also, if you wish to present furniture items that cannot be fitted into a basket, an alternative idea would be to present gift certificates where the recipients can redeem for furniture.

Idea 16 - BBQ home party gift basket
Give your new neighbors a bbq gift basket that can help them with a bbq party. Among the things you can include are a bbq tool set, cutting board, personalized aprons, bbq sauces and marinade mixes and a variety of bbq snacks.

Idea 17 - Home gadgets gift basket
Make a gift basket filled with home gadgets like key holders, door mats, key chains, shopping bags and if you budget allows, you can include one or two home appliances like iron, oven toaster, blender or coffee maker in your gift basket. Also, to make the gift items more unique, you can personalize them to include the initials of the recipient’s family name.

Idea 18 - Painting tools gift basket
Now that your gift basket recipient has moved or is moving into a new house, there will definitely be a lot of painting work to be done for the house. Even if the house is already painted, a painting tools gift basket will surely come in handy for future house painting jobs. Among the items you can include in the gift basket are paint brushes of various sizes, a paint bucket (this can be the base), painters tape and rollers and handles.

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