Pet Lover Gift Basket Ideas

Pet lover gift basket ideas - Millions of people around the world have pets. Some of them treat their pets as part of their family and some even treat their pets like humans. Whichever way the pets are accepted in their lives, all these people have one thing in common – they are all pet lovers.

If you have a relative or friend who is a pet lover, then you can always treat them with a pet lover gift basket on their special days like birthdays and Christmas.

A gift basket filled with animal themed gift items will surely thrill any pet lover. More so if the theme is that of their pet. For more ideas on the types of pet lover gifts you can include in your gift basket, check out our pet lover gifts page.

Pet lover gift basket ideas

Idea 1 – First aid gift basket
Pet first aid kit is a must for each pet owner. Make a gift basket with this theme by filing in the gift basket with first aid items and health products that are approved by vets. You can also include in the basket, books on how to care for pets and how to give first aid in cases of emergency.

Idea 2 – Pet treat kit gift basket
This makes a great gift for a pet lover who also loves to bake. Not only that, this gift basket also makes a perfect gift for the pets. Basic things you should include in this gift basket are ingredients for making the treat or biscuits, recipe card, cookies cutters, rolling pin and a cute animal themed cookie canister to store the baked cookies later.

Idea 3 – Personalized pet lover gift basket
Basically, the theme for this gift basket is personalization. You can make a gift basket with this theme by including in the gift basket, gift items that have been personalized with both the pet and the pet owner’s names such as food bowls, id tags and biscuit containers for the pets and mugs, t-shirts, photo frames and photo door mats for the pet owner.

Idea 4 – Christmas pet and pet lover gift basket
Here is a cool holiday gift basket idea for both the pet and the pet owner. Among the gift items for the pet that can be included in the gift basket are pet toys, jewelry, clothing and some homemade treats for the pet and wall hangings, animal figurines and fluffy toys for the pet owner. Decorate the basket with festive-colored ribbons and your Christmas pet gift basket is ready.

Idea 5 – New pet gift basket
This is a great idea for someone who has just gotten himself or herself a pet. A new pet gift basket should basically contain items which will help the owner to help in caring after the pet. Among the things you can include in a new pet gift basket are pet training books or dvds, informative books on pets, treats for the new pet and in your budget allows, a prepaid subscription for a pet magazine. Accent the basket with some gourmet treats for the pet owner as well.

Idea 6 – Sympathy gift basket/Pet loss gift basket
All that live will perish one day and the same goes for pets. Pet loss in often a very difficult period for pet lovers and one great idea to comfort someone who is mourning is by presenting them with a sympathy gift basket. Among the items you can include in this gift basket are pet memorial gift boxes, pet figurines in crystal, clay or stone, quotes or poems about pets and picture frames for the pet lover to display the photo of his or her pet. You can also include a custom pet portrait in the gift basket if your budget allows.

Idea 7 – Spa gift basket
A spa gift basket for the pets filled with spa and grooming items will definitely be welcomed by any pet owner. Things you can include in the gift basket are shampoos, conditioners, brushes, combs, nail clippers and pet towels. Also if your budget allows, include a grooming gift cert in the basket.

Idea 8 - Pet cleaning aid gift basket
Here is another gift basket that will be really welcomed by any pet lover. Make a gift basket with the ‘cleaning’ theme by include cleaning aid items like odor and stain removers, carpet and upholstery cleaners, drool cleaners, scoopers and if you budget allows, you can even include a hand vacuum. Accent the basket with some pet treat for the pet.

Idea 9 – Pet and pet lover treats gift basket
This gift basket focuses purely on treats for both the pet and its owner. Fill the gift basket with pet treats like biscuits, bones, catnip and luxury pet food. For the pet owners, include an assortment of cookies, chocolates, nuts and chips. Arrange all the items in a nice wicker basket and decorate with a personalized mug for the owner and a food bowl for the pet.

Idea 10 – ‘All things pet’ gift basket
Here is another cool gift basket idea for a pet lover or an animal lover. Make a gift basket filled with pet-themed gift items such as stationeries, t-shirts, mugs, fluffy toys, fridge magnets, jewelry, wall hangings, calendar and animal figurines.

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